Piece of Pop

Welcome internet and to the people I begged to be here and those who accidently typed in the wrong word or phrase into their browser and ended up here.

This being my first post and since I’m relatively new to the whole blogging universe I’ll be short

After racking my brain, I truly couldn’t think of anything that I can contribute with stops me from posting to Cracked or Buzzfeed (my two favorite places for useless information) or any place where I think everyone wants my opinion because even though I think I’m fabulous surprisingly enough not everybody does; imagine my surprise.

But since I have a TON of useless information in my brain I figured I would pass it on to muddle your brains as well.  That way the more people that think like me the more people I can talk to instead of having to avoid the whole human race.

So let’s talk about movies because that isn’t something that a lot of people talk about.  I just want to do an open letter to Hollywood and ask them to please stop doing certain clichés.  There is no need for yet another ‘Pulled out of retirement’ movie. Don’t look at me like you don’t know what I mean and have not idea what I’m talking about cause you know you do:

John Wick*

3Days to Kill

The November Man

The Equalizer


Taken 2

Taken 3

A Walk Among the Tombstones

The Drop



The Prince

Olympus has Fallen

The Art of the Steal, just to name a few.

Now I’m not saying any of these movies stink or that they are any good. *I personally cannot get enough of Keanu Reeves and am very upset he doesn’t realize we are destined to be together and he needs to stop all this Hollywood run around and come home to me, but I digress.


Can we think of any reason why we need so many retirement movies? Yes I still believe Keanu, Liam, Aaron, John and all the others have a lot of life left in them. I do not discount someone because of their age. But let’s also not discount someone because of their gender or color of their skin or youth.


I look at a lot of the movie web sites and there are always talk of “women” movies in the works but the script isn’t right. Truly, Really, Honestly, Seriously, are you kidding me? You are telling me Liam Neeson losing his family movie after movie had a better script then one they could write for Black Widow, Wonder Woman or whatever they hell they were trying to get Hailey Barry to do after that horrible James Bond movie? Well maybe we dodged a bullet on that one.


We can remake Fantastic Four, RoboCop, Total Recall, Green Lantern and make Baywatch into a movie but we can’t get more people of color into movies that don’t cast them in a comedic light? Yeah two things I’ll watch Dwayne Johnson paint my house (one because it really needs it and two because I hope he takes off his shirt) and the other thing yes I recognize I’m bitching about a remake when they took About Last Night and remade it with an African American cast. Hush, just hush.


I suggest letting them know we are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore and stay away from any reboot, reimagining or remake that Hollywood keeps vomiting out. Unless of course it has Keanu in it, or the Rock. Maybe we should just make our own movies, our own TV shows our own books.  Now if it were just that easy.

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