You know you can tell me everything right? Ew just not that

Just recently my daughter was in the hospital. She’s fine now thanks for asking and of course her school was a total dick about it but you know you put up with that, anyway…

She was in the hospital and due to a whole lot of people not listening to us we were there a couple of two three times. General practitioner, ER (twice) and finally admitted. Now I know she’s a teenager and I know teenagers do things that not all adults especially their parents don’t like, but my kids suffer from two things, well the suffer from a lot of things but we are going to focus only on a few.  One of them is a very chatty father.  I cannot tell you how chatty their father is. I would never suggest committing a crime with him, for one he is a law abiding citizen, the other reason, HE WOULD BLAB IT TO EVERYONE! Seriously dude cannot shut up.  If you met my family, you will know us by the amount of chatter. So my kids couldn’t keep anything from me if they tried because they can’t pure and simple fact they would blab it.

The other reason they can’t keep things from me??

It was slightly frustrating to be kicked out of the room so the doctor could “talk” to my daughter. Which I guess but really shouldn’t we be encouraging open communication? Apparently not.

Now not the day after my mother-in-law drops on by (I foolishly thought to see after my daughter) but instead it was to complain about how she is stressed, too much is going on in her life and although she is married, her husbands children are causing lots of distress. Well that sounds awful, you can go. So she’s unable to have a good talk with him, so apparently you talk to me (I’m compassionate times 10)

She also happens to tell me all about her other granddaughter who is also at a loss for someone to talk to and it was suggested she should visit a psychologist.

You're sad and depressed? Here let me help you with that

While I whole hardheartedly encourage you to get some help if you truly feel that you need it and I am not knocking psychiatry in any way, I just want you to stand way over there as far away from as possible. I’ve got enough crazy in my life right now.

Good Luck to you.

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