I now cry at card tricks.

Dude Dude, I’ve been out of the Blogging thing for awhile. I’m sure all 4 of my followers have been really broken up about it.  No problem I’m back and I’d like to tell you ‘m not that happy.  I’m not happy because I’m a bit out of practice.  My summer movie thing is a little behind. We so totally missed the re-release of Jaws. Not that I haven’t see it 1000 times. So I’ve only  managed Inside Out, which is a pretty good kids movie. I’m not sure how this happened though so but I now cry at EVERYTHING. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve teared up in that movie.  But not just that movie dude, my kids made my watch Steven Universe about a bazillion times I teared up.

Now I’m pretty sure I could cry during Selma (yes I just got around to watching that) balling like a baby. You’ll be happy to know I did not cry during 7 Days of Hell, but it did make me think about Brooklyn 99 which the last episode had me sniffling quite a bit. I can also assure you I have been reading recaps of Grey on both JennyTrout.com and alysbcohen.wordpress.com.  I’ve done a big bit of grieving for my soul after reading their recaps.  It seriously hurts my heart that 50 Shades of Grey is a thing.

chris crocker  111 - SERIOUSLY HURTS MY HEART

I’m a little better on TV totally into Mr. Robot, Last Ship, and the new season of True Detective, well only watch one episode on that but shhh.  Now as much as I love Dwayne Johnson, seriously I want him to have my babies, I could not get into the critically acclaimed Ballers, which is only allowed to have skinny pretty woman in it. If you are a guy its fine but please no ugly b’s.

I promise to be better and now that I know how to create a meme look out!

One comment

  1. billpatt · July 17, 2015

    Welcome back to blogging, Kritty! We’ve missed ya!
    (although if you look at my blog, I’ve not been really slamming it, either)

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