POC need not apply

Now if you remember, and since you take careful notes when you read my blog I’m sure you do, I saw three movies last week and I’m here to tell you about the second one Ant-Man, now some fan/anti-fans are a little upset because one they decided to not do Hank Pym’s story but someone completely different, decided not to include The Wasp who is one of the original Avengers unlike Captain America, cause we don’t want to put a woman in a leading role that would be silly, and decided to show Hank Pym as a kindly old man (with a few anger issues) who was not a serial wife beater as he is in the comics because we all know movies stay faithful to their source material.  I didn’t know much of this (although I did know about The Wasp but woman don’t exist in the Marvel universe unless they are wearing skin tight cat suits and The Wasp’s costume didn’t quite match up so they had to ditch her), so I am just here to talk to you about the movie The Ant-Man and trust me there is plenty to be cross about so save your breath

Now lets see if we can go through the list here,

We’ve got the evil guy. Dammit make him bald or there will be hell to pay


Oh thank God I was so worried you were going to go in another direction but we dodged a bullet on that one.

Now next I’m going to need a female lead, make her strong with absolutely nothing to do.


Thanks, we want her to be good but not too good.

Now what don’t we have oh that’s right POC’s can you make them the comic relief? We don’t want them to get to uppity please.


Thanks. I appreciate that we are still doing the same thing in movies I didn’t want to see anything new. Whew!

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