Suffer the Little Children or Yeah we are going there again

Hello my little lovelies.  I wanted to let you in on a little piece of torture I plan on putting myself through again this year.  It’s called 3Day Novel.  One day a few years ago I was perusing writing contests and I came across this really great one called shhh, you guessed it 3Day Novel!  yeah! I signed up right away and along with the sign up I found an awesome group of people. If you ever want to talk to them they can be found here (well at least in 2015) if you are reading this in another year you’ll need to find your own link and FYI you are really far behind.

Anyway we get together every year all year long and we hang out, encourage, talk, vent, and exchange. It’s a pretty fun time and I’ve met two of them in person. Yeah I know what your thinking, “You met up with people online, didn’t they rape and murder you and aren’t you dead right now, OMG are you talking to us from beyond the grave, that is so cool and creepy and you went to Hell didn’t you” well yeah they didn’t kill me and they understood my weirdness.

So this year I jump into the fray writing a novel in 3 days, this year I plan on hanging out at one of my internet friend’s home, hopefully, if not I’ll try to barricade myself somewhere where my family cannot find me and I can pump out 10K words a day that don’t suck enough that I can get at least on the short list.  The contest does take a long time to judge, 4 to 5 months so if you are looking for a quick turn around you really came into the wrong profession.  I plan on writing an interesting tome about a woman who is haunted either by a child ghost or her imagination. It will be awesome, you’ll have to read it sometime.

If you have any plans later I hope you’ll spend it reading the other blogs associated with 3Day you can find one here. My 3Day brethren gives some really good advice for writing and they also find some of the best web sites for help with your writing, the best I can do is tell you to write.  Good luck!

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