There Ain’t No Black Men in the Apocalypse

Good news everyone, we are successfully really behind the times.

I was watching Fear the Walking Dead last night with my daughter.  The first episode had a death that affected the major characters, it made sense, it was plausible. The black guy was a drug dealer but okay okay.  We were being progressive and giving the white girl a black boyfriend (although who doesn’t rebel against their parents with a black boyfriend am I right?) So we are still okay. But not really. Next thing I know it’s the second episode and all of the supporting black characters are dead. Well thank God for that we can’t have any black people around mucking up our end of the world scenario with their Blackness.  We truly needed to get rid of them as soon as possible.

It’s a little hard to swallow that a major television show, based on another very popular TV show, decides it cannot have black characters. Not only can it not have major black characters but it also needs to get rid of the supporting characters.  So what example do we set? Get rid of the black guy? This depresses me on so many levels.  You know what hat happens you guys? Do you know how difficult it is to find a show, a movie, a book, or something that features a black character as the main character?  It’s important to show diversity right? Well we are but sadly we have to kill the black guy.

I have dozens of ideas for stories unfortunately I’m always tasked with what to do. Should I make all the characters white and know the book (if ever published) will be popular because we get to read about white people. Or should I make the characters black like how I want to and hope and pray I can get something published and when I do it’s popular because people want to read about people regardless of their race.

Well whatever, enough of my ranting, back to watching my shows that only have white characters. Thank you very much.

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  1. pam · September 3, 2015

    Hey Kritty… This lands squarely in my “things that madden me” pile. Blergh!

    I say… Write your stories well and true and clear as you can. Let your characters be who they are. Let them be strong and black, funny and black, sexy and black….let them be who they demand to be.

    No retreat, baby! No surrender!

    Aw crap… That’s totally a white guy lyric…but I hope you get me.

    Go easy, unless they make you go hard ~p

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