Ugh I don’t like this Movie

As you know, I sometimes watch movies.  I have recently seen some of the pretty big ones. 10 Cloverfield Ln, Zootopia and most recently Batman vs. Superman. I’m going to tell you about the others but let me tell you about Batman vs Superman first.



Ugh I don’t like this book

I liked Lex Luther. I liked Wonder Woman (even though she was underused) I liked how they tried to introduce the rest of the team. I even kinda liked Ben Affleck’s Batman even though I spent most of the movie looking for Christian Bale and wondering why he decided he needed to use that awful voice.


But God I hated Superman. I don’t know if this was something new I just found out about myself or if I always had a disdain for Superman but man I hated Super.

I also am finding it very annoying that we spend all of a movie or book setting you up for the sequel. I just found this out recently when I watched The Maze Runner (yes I’m late to the party) but really, really, really, really, I just invested 90 minutes into your movie and the best you can do make me watch something more? I don’t want to. Let me know when you have finished the movie and I’ll come back.  Thanks.

I know I’m in the minority when it comes to BvsS bashing (next to the movie critics that hated it as much as I did). But besides the who 2 hrs and 30 minutes being a setup, I hated Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman romance, didn’t buy it for a minute. Maybe I had to watch the first one to see the love but let me tell you I shouldn’t have too.



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