Who do I think I am

Yes it’s been awhile and I’m eager to bore you with the details of my vacation, (I have slides!) But first I wanted to tell you about my recent movie visit.

I just recently went to see The Dark Tower. I wanted to love this movie, several reasons most notably Idris Alba. 2014-09-26 06.19.19

I really wanted all those haters to shut the F*&# up, oh yeah spoiler alert I swear. Those who felt a black guy couldn’t be the Gunslinger that some how it ruined the integrity of the movie (losers). I also wanted more and more of these movies. I love the Dark Tower Series.

Anyway, I saw the movie and I wasn’t happy. Why wasn’t I happy, well one I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t have enough Idris, I need 2 hours of just looking into his dreamy eyes. Two I hated HATED the dialogue. I totally thought I could do better. Please go see the movie and listen to the lines they gave these people it was awful. Why do I think was awful most likely because I pay attention now and I also think I can do better.

Wait wait wait, Kristie, why do you think you can do a better job than those who work in Hollywood and get paid big bucks to write movies? Well, I think we know me enough by now to know I know everything and I think I’m better than everyone. Plus trust me anyone could have written this better.

Go ahead watch the movie and let me know what you think.

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